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Director's greeting

Hello, friends,
Thank you for visiting our site.
I appeal to you with pleasure and with great respect.
My greeting is a word from the heart of a romance who firmly believes in good and universal harmony.

From this comprehensive concept of universal harmony, I now want to draw your attention to some of its components, namely, the harmony of man and society, to which he considers himself, the man and the country in which he lives, and finally man and new technologies, which Today they are an integral part of the life of society, the country, and you and me.

Each of us constantly faces new technologies and uses their benefits for a long time without noticing their exclusivity, because they are constantly being introduced into our life and make it comfortable, safe and harmonious.

I have the honor and pleasure to work in the company “SAM” and I am very pleased with the fact that our company is making its own possible contribution to the development of our society and country by introducing the latest world technologies into our economy and life. Our country is young and we have passed the most difficult decades of formation and are now going through the harsh difficulties of the crisis. And while not everything can produce themselves.

But we will definitely, we have very talented people. In the meantime, SAM, as a regional partner, is a link between eminent Western companies that produce high-tech equipment and customers in Kazakhstan and the region who need this equipment.

We are the very "Kazakhstan content” - “local content”, because here we represent these Western companies on the spot and bear full responsibility for their equipment.

Kazakhstan is our home, and we can make it modern and strong with you.

Saule Kadyrbaeva

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