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Economical made-to-measure ultrasonic humidification

For over 20 years, STULZ has been supplying its UltraSonic humidifying systems for made-to-measure humidification that ensures the best possible processes and high quality standards.

Solutions for UltraSonic units

  • A modular humidifying system for installation in ventilation ducts (UltraSonic ENS) or direct room humidification (UltraSonic BNB)
  • The UltraSonic SCA and UltraSonic FN solutions have been developed for pinpoint accuracy in humidification
  • Typical applications: the print industry, photo laboratories, greenhouses, fruit and vegetable storage, ventilation cabinets, the leather and textile industry, equipment rooms (Data Centers), labs and test rooms


  • Maximum energy savings – 93 % less electricity than electrode/resistance steam humidifiers
  • Excellent control characteristics: immediate humidifier capacity
  • Energy-saving cooling effect due to physical characteristics
  • Flexible actuation
  • Very fine mist (0.001 mm or 1 µm), which is immediately assimilated in the air
  • Long oscillator life: minimum running time based on nameplate power rating is 10,000 operating hours
  • Rapid payback/future-proof investment given rising energy prices
  • Hygienic humidification thanks to a continual supply of fresh water and special purging/flushing cycles


  • Additional adiabatic cooling effect
  • Approved for hygienic operation to VDI6022
  • Energy consumption: approx. 60 W per 1 kg/h of humidifier capacity

Electrode steam humidifier for professionals

  • The STULZ SupraSteam series is the technically flexible solution for all industrial and private applications. The unit is proven around the world, quick to install and easy to use.
  • It is also suitable for museums, exhibition rooms and building complexes that have to be kept sterile. Solutions for SupraSteam units
  • Electrode steam humidifiers for industry and the home as well as museums, exhibition rooms and building complexes that have to be kept sterile


  • Steam production from 1.5 kg/h to 65 kg/h, depending on the model
  • The steam cylinders can be replaced and cleaned without any issues.
  • Type of control can be selected
  • Air duct humidification with optional steam lance
  • Direct room humidification with optional top-mounted fan
  • Patented anti-foaming system AFS
  • Integrated conductivity sensor for optimizing steam production, increasing cylinder life and minimizing running costs through more efficient limescale separation
  • Connection to monitoring and remote maintenance systems
  • Optional remote controller with graphic display, operational at up to 1 km

Features of the integrated control module

  • On, Off or Proportional mode via external control signal (voltage or current)
  • Possible signal types (sensor or control signal): 0–10 V; 0–1 V; 2–10 V; 4–20 mA; 0–20 mA
  • Humidity control with humidity sensor (actual value/setpoint comparison)
  • Second moisture sensor can be connected as a supply air limit sensor
  • Output regulation between 20 % and 100 %
  • Adjustable maximum output
  • Steam cylinder operating hours counter
  • Automatic purging when not in use, for guaranteed hygienically safe operation
  • Alphanumerical display
  • Output of floating alarm or dehumidification signal
  • RS485 interface (in combination with STULZ Humivisor MT)

Technical Data

Permitted water pressure

1 ... 8 bar

Water conductivity

125 ... 1,250 μS/cm

Hardness °dH

5.62 – 22.5

Ambient temperature max.

1 ... 40 °C

Ambient humidity max.

10 ... 90 % RH

Protection rating


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