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Type: AGM sealed batteries

Voltage: 2 volts

Capacity: 200 to 2000AHL

Life time: 18 year

Areas of use:

  • Hybrid electric systems
  • Communication facilities
  • Railway facilities
  • Inverter systems
  • Operational power supply systems
  • Data Center

Description of the series:

Narada lead-acid batteries of the REX series are sealed, maintenance-free with a gas recombination system (VRLA), made according to AGM technology (electrolyte absorbed in the separator).

The REX series is a series of 2-volt germinal lead-acid batteries of high capacity Narada specially designed for use in the toughest conditions. Includes battery capacity from 200 to 2000A / h. Rex series batteries are first and foremost optimized for hybrid power systems. Extended service life up to 18 years, high number of charge / discharge cycles - advantages that distinguish this series from competitors.

Distinctive features:

  • AGM technology with recombination of 99% of the emitted gas
  • Service life up to 18 years
  • 2000 cycles with a discharge depth of 80%
  • Connection of a cover by means of heat sealing, provides reliable sealing
  • Unattended. No water refill;
  • Low self-discharge;
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