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Type: Sealed helium batteries

Voltage: 2 volts

Capacity:200 to 2000AHL

Life time:18 year

Areas of use:

  • Hybrid electric systems
  • Energy facilities
  • Communication facilities
  • Railway facilities
  • Inverter systems
  • Operational power supply systems
  • Data Center
  • Industrial enterprises

Description of the series:

Lead-acid batteries Narada OPzV series are 2-volt cells manufactured using OPzV technology with gel electrolyte in accordance with DIN 40742.

A distinctive feature of this series, which determines their outstanding characteristics, is the construction of positive electrodes, made in the form of a tubular plate. The area of such a plate is several times higher than that of the spread plates in AGM batteries. Batteries of this series do not require maintenance during the entire life cycle. The low level of gas emission makes it possible to operate them in industrial premises with working personnel and electrical equipment.

Accumulators are suitable for operation both in the buffer and in the cyclic mode, possessing a large supply of charge / discharge cycles. They have a long service life of more than 18 years at a temperature of 20 ° C (residual capacity of 80%). Suitable for operation at elevated temperatures and in deep discharge mode.

Distinctive features:

  • OPzV technology
  • Service life up to 18 years
  • More than 2000 cycles with a discharge depth of 80%
  • Connection of a cover by means of heat sealing, provides reliable sealing
  • Unattended. No water refill;
  • Low self-discharge;
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