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Precision Air Conditioning Units

Since the moment of its foundation in 1947 in the city of Hamburg (Germany), STULZ GmbH has been specializing in the fields requiring knowledge of high technologies and innovations.

STULZ GmbH commenced production of air conditioning equipment in 1965 and less than a five-year period it produced its first precision air conditioner.

Extension of the range of products, introduction of innovative technologies, emersion of new sale markets allowed for the STULZ GmbH to become one of the world leaders in the precision air conditioners market within quite a short time. Today, STULZ GmbH has five factories located in Germany, Italy, the USA, China and India. The company employs over 3.5 thousand employees and has its representative offices practically in all countries of the world.  
STULZ GmbH implements only the state-of-the-art technologies in planning, development and implementation of projects. Specialists of STULZ GmbH company offer the most competent solutions. Quality of services rendered by our company's experts meets the highest requirements of our various customers. In order to ensure trouble-free operation of the modern information and telecommunication equipment, external environment parameters shall be properly maintained. Design of precision air conditioners made by STULZ GmbH is developed on individual basis (custom-made). Custom-made precision air conditioners are configured, assembled and installed in accordance with the specific technical design specifications.

Precision air conditioners are used to ensure precise control of temperature, humidity and indoor air conditions thus ensuring optimum working environment in IT centers, apparatus rooms, reference chambers and server rooms. STULZ GmbH company’s precision air conditioners hardware implementation may vary widely: from single-module units of 0.3kW power to the modular systems with the cooling capacity of up to 280 kW, which can be used for the wide range of purposes.

Precision air conditioners of STULZ GmbH represent:
·               Energy-efficient solutions;
·               Optimum base area to cooling performance ratio;
·               Efficient acoustic absorption;
·               Innovative technologies;
·               Consistent design;
·               Perfect design concepts;
·               Wide range of options;
·               Wide range of models.
Precision air conditioning equipment is produced by STULZ GmbH in strict compliance with the European quality standards (DIN ISO 9001/EN 29001, CE, VDE-standards). All air conditioners and refrigerating machinery made by STULZ GmbH undergo quality tests such as: equipment and power level test, full service capacity test, electrical safety and standards compliance tests, and carry all necessary certificates of the Republic of Kazakhstan and recommendations on use in corresponding premises. All equipment ensures optimum working environment for uninterrupted operation of high-tech systems around-the-clock at any point of the globe.
Precision air-conditioning systems regulate temperature and humidity for sensitive technology precisely to the last degree. In data centres and mobile phone network exchanges, their cost-efficient, continuous operation reliably ensures the high availability of computer systems.

If required, all units can be equipped with interfaces for connection to building services management systems from known manufacturers. This enables central monitoring and control at all times.