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Specifications PowerValue 11 RT

  • Online double conversion
  • Output power factor 0.9
  • Efficiency in double conversion mode up to 93%
  • Efficiency in ECO-mode up to 97%
  • "Cold start"
  • Floor installation or rackmounting
  • Ready for installation and easy to set up
  • Easy maintenance
  • Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
  • Full set of communication interfaces: SNMP, dry contacts, RS-232, USB

Space in commercial premises can be very expensive, so PowerValue was designed to be very compact. PowerValue is very flexible, can be configured for floor installation or rackmount. Rotatable distle allows you to adjust to your needs.
An excellent power factor and unique technical characteristics that minimize the use of batteries and prolong the life of their batteries provide additional savings.
There are 5 models of PowerValue from 1 to 10 kVA.
The 6 and 10 kVA units can be connected in parallel to provide redundancy or to increase the total system power to 20 kVA.
Up to four battery modules can be connected to any UPS to increase battery life.

Applications PowerValue 11 RT:

From small to medium - Server and IT applications - for critical applications

One of the factors is becoming increasingly important for offices, small and medium enterprises - the business is closely related to the processing of data. And this data should be safely stored, and for reliable data storage reliable power supply is necessary.

PowerValue provides continuous energy to your servers, POS terminals, computer clusters, routers, switches, hubs and other sensitive equipment. Protects against impulse overvoltages, increase and decrease of voltage, noise and harmonic distortion.

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