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After-sales Service

The period of warranty for the equipment is specified in the Warranty Card. In the event of failure (inaction, breakdown) of the supplied equipment within the warranty period, guarantee repair will be performed in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the Warranty Card.

The provided warranty covers the following:

  • Supplied equipment, on the whole, and all its constituent parts (component items, units, assemblies, parts and other componentry), which failure within the warranty period may result from the defective materials used by the manufacturer;
  • Equipment, as a whole, and all its componentry, failure of which within the warranty period results from the assembly defect;
  • Supplied equipment, as a whole, and all its componentry, failure of which within the warranty period results from the improper transportation to the site of installation of such equipment (if the Supplier is responsible for the delivery of the equipment to the installation site under the terms of the corresponding supply agreement).

Prior to beginning of the warranty repair, the Customer shall enter into the Aftersales Service Agreement with the Supplier or Manufacturer of equipment.

Warranty period procedure:

Upon receipt of request for warranty repair, SAM group of companies’ specialists conduct preliminary technical counseling of the Customer’s employee in charge of operation of the given equipment (by phone or fax).

If it is impossible for such employee of the Customer to eliminate the defect of equipment following the advice of our experts, the SAM group of companies shall arrange for either of the following at its own discretion:

  • Send its representative in charge of aftersales service directly to the site of the given equipment installation for its technical inspection, diagnostics and testing for the purpose of determining the causes and nature of the defect and the ways of such defect elimination.
  • Dismantle and delivery of the defective equipment to the workshop of the supplier;

Based on the results of the equipment diagnostics, the representative of the SAM group of companies responsible for aftersales service shall make technical inspection certificate (of the corresponding form) in two copies. Warranty repair shall be performed by the Supplier depending on circumstances specified in such report and in accordance with the conditions of the warranty (aftersales (warranty) service) specified in the technical certificate of the equipment.

Service Maintenance

Listed below are the advantages of Maintenance Service Agreement conclusion:

  • Support of the trouble-free operation of the supplied equipment by the customer;
  • Emergency situations minimization;
  • Increase of the equipment’s service life;
  • Professional counseling by our experts on the technical issues within the whole period of the maintenance term.

Service maintenance includes the following services:

  • Counseling on technical issues within the whole maintenance service period;
  • Visits of the equipment installation site by our expert for the preventive maintenance no less than once in a six-month period;
  • Responsive interventions by our experts within the shortest possible time;
  • Troubleshooting and faults repair within the shortest time possible taking into account technical means available;
  • Counseling the Customer on the technical issues arising in the course of the equipment operation.

Detailed information on the warranty and service maintenance you can get from our experts of technical support and service group using the following E-mail address: .

Our experts will provide complete technical support and answer all questions.