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DC Power Systems

Emerson Network Power Company offers wide range of direct current power supply systems in the market. This range includes both small integrated systems designed for integration of the LAN access nodes or UHF range retransmission stations and large stand-alone systems for the central telephone exchanges, business communication centers and other similar systems. Availability of the wide range of DC power supply systems is based on our desire to become the principal supplier of such equipment in the market and, at that, such supplied equipment allows for optimization in accordance with the various requirements that are set in different countries of the world in various specific cases. Specified below is the information on the state-of-the-art DC power supply systems supplied by our company. This portfolio includes information on the global range of supplies, availability of resources at various points of the world, adaptation to the regional and local requirements.

Emerson Network Power Company supplies new-generation power supply systems that can be used in any part of the world with due account for local conditions. It has become possible not only due to the new approach to the product but also due to new approaches to designing, manufacturing, quality systems and logistics. 

·               Mini power supply systems;

·               Low-power electric power-supply systems;

·               Mean-power electric power-supply systems;

·               High-power electric power-supply systems;

·               24V DC power supply systems;

·               DC/AC conversion power supply systems;

·               Replacement program;

·               Batteries and accessories.